About Sameboat DNS

Basic knowledge of what DNS is is assumed

Domain Space (DS) provides this Major Function on a class basis to end users and Operators running their own TLD like my .dom, non-recursive free use of which is documented on the link. A simple test of your having established control of your ability to use internet names on a given host is the ability to ping sameboat.dom and reliably get a response from my name servers rather than a nameserver overridden by your ISP, help for which you can find on the web by searching resolvconf and the like. Typically dhcp is a source of overrides/resets which need not be obstructive, however replacing dhcp with a static link to your ISP once the link parameters are known may be the easiest way. DS augments rather replaces the public name system with a peer-peer extension.

Domain users, while they may wish to control their name access, only need end use of a name system, they are not owning domains, selling names and are not operating as either a registrar or registry. Operators are registrars in .dom, and can be their own registries if a delegation has been negotiated.

Domain Owner Function

These services are available to current akperson accounts:

  • Get a zone in the .dom TLD which is not taken by another end-user or delegated to an Operator.
  • Manage their zones, including both .dom and those of common public registries such as those of ICANN/IETF.
  • Manage DNS functions on Linux, MacOS or Windows hosts to get started using the .dom TLD or own their local DNS.

    These extended services are bundled with various priced offerings:

  • Use domain engineering functions that presume DNS ownership.
  • Operate some enterprise or organization as a managed domain application via hosting at supported vendors with automated provisioning from the .dom TLD. SKUs bundling AWS and Linode are available but any hosting service with current debian/ubuntu will work if you have full operator access to the .dom software.

Operator Function

  • Operate the DNS system. I have adapted the Czech national DNS (FRED) for Domain Space and each Operator account comes with a setup FRED server.
  • Operators may negotiate with me a field of TLDs analogous to the situation in the public name space. From the RFC defined name space, .dom and the IANA/ICANN
    spaces are subtracted to get a space of available names from which an Operator may select any single string other than forms of ".dom" as a free TLD.
  • Operator level domain engineering functions as they are rolled out.

DNS Operator entitlements are basic to Developer and Operator accounts.