About DNS Here

Basic knowledge of what DNS is is assumed

For the purposes of this Major Function, there are two distinguished classes of users, first class or better end users and Operators. An Operator is running their own TLD like my .dom with all of the facilities for this you observe here. Operators are registars in .dom, and can be their own registries if they choose.

End users only need end use of a name system, they are not selling names and are not operating as either a registrar or registry.

End User Function

  • Get a zone in the .dom TLD which is not taken by another end-user or delegated to an Operator.
  • Manage their .dom names.
  • Manage DNS functions on Linux, MacOS or Windows hosts to get started using the .dom TLD or their local DNS generally.

End User DNS functions are free to continuously authenticated registered real persons

Operator Function

  • Operate the DNS system. I have adapted the Czech national DNS (FRED) for Domain Space and each Operator account comes with a setup FRED server.
  • Operators may negotiate with me a field of TLDs analogous to the situation in the public name space. From the RFC defined name space, .dom and the IANA/ICANN
    spaces are subtracted to get a space of available names from which an Operator may select any single string other than forms of ".dom" as a free TLD.

DNS Operator entitlements are basic to Developer and Operator accounts.