Portable Groups

Sameboat Portable Groups

Groups in Domain Space are not by any means limited in support to C六/DCMS but that is their point of origination.

As the central feature story of C六,

In terms of Drupal 7 PG is what CLiu uses, together with a variety of repurposed modules, instead of organic groups. But it's not merely that ...
  1. Support name services for Groups

    Groups are subdomains in sameboat.network . Additionally they may have other names both regular IANA routing and private to domain space.

  2. Provide DCP based and Autonomous Group Infrastructure Services ...

    For operation outside of the domains content management system, from bare cloud linux images to standalone MCPs to a full DCP controlled space of them.

    For DCP based groups, the full live domain engineering support is continuously available. Ejected groups can still use static semantic infrastructure, e.g. ontology based taxonomy in semantic drupal.

  3. Provide Group KB Services ...

    Users shall have the ability to define and maintain their group domain conception in a controlled English. The domain knowledge base can be ejected from the live network in file formats such as KIF, RDF, ISO prolog, etc..

  4. Effect a separability of User, Group and their dependencies at an instant from the rest of drupal at that time.

    A main motivation being to ...

  5. Support an Eject Feature for Groups

    Users should be able to 'eject' their groups, at least in part, to either a plain linode or EC2 based WordPress or standalone C-Liu instance or a MCP outside of the core DCP.

  6. Support movement of Groups

    A later developed feature, groups should be able to rehome from one node of the network to another and span multiple ones, and individual members rehome via provided automation.