Sameboat Local DirStory

Sameboat Classifieds is a major function and the first deployment in the Sameboat/CLiu network upstream from live. It is derived from the following:

  • C六 general features such as the dsap common app, DCMS> python components supporting bots and matching, etc.
  • D7 Auction. Support for selling in marketplace category on an auction basis.
  • django-classifieds (dcf). Reworked as a front SPA chosen for being like craigslist. The backend is not used and the structure is reworked to be user configurable.
  • D7 Classifieds. This package is referred to as ED Classifieds as it originated in D4/5 from an entity named Exodus Development. Reworked to fit this context.
  • D7 Commerce. The Feature uses the Product and pricing entities for the marketplace category of ads
DCMS general infrastructure, e.g. D7 Entities to bridge Commerce and Auction with the LD categories and contexts, taxonomy, PG, etc.

State of the Major Function in a new node of the network ...

Nodes oriented to devops groups
In nodes such as the common root, where the user groups are expected to be capable, the taxonomy and categories are delivered in a minimal configured state for subsequent user articulation.
Nodes oriented to other groups
General nodes such as the geonodes (e.g. ) are fully configured according to the type of node, with a common starter taxonomy and categories which may subsequently be user modified or not as desired.