Commons Story

Cluster designation STG, hosts the core DS user group types, their taxonomies and other common support that is distributed to the outer nodes. This support is in part in the base php/python domain space CMS which is deployed to it first from my DEV (LAN) cluster app server. All functions of this pkg can operate independently of the Domain Control Program and may do so in the downstream nodes in contrast to the tight integration with DCP in STG.
Key features of this C-Liu (D)CMS demonstrated in the common staging cluster:
  • integration with video conferencing via the doorbell call model
  • social media aggregation and augmentation
  • the first landing and proving ground for the main feature set triple (clisticle, commerce, matching)
  • MNI enhancement, rich bots, and MCP/DCP devops.
The local directory (LD) function is one of the two built-in applications of interest group aggregation, the other being the product line domains. Outside the root cluster, each geonode cluster aggregates the subdistricts of some region in a LD but the STG LD aggregates the sister IRC networks. Regardless of the nature of the application of the generic interest group aggregation infrastructure and whether owned by me or independently operated, outer nodes of the network may be either managed or diverged. Diverged operators are responsible for applying any systems updates to their clusters from access to the central source repositories. The managed geonodes form a distinct subnetwork with superficial similarities to craigslist and facebook.

sameboat local directories (sbld)

SBLD is differentiated from craigslist and other local directory networks by:
  • Function rich live commons rather than an electronic classifieds/directory.
  • Extensible small factors app.
  • Integral with the group mechanism supporting your affinity/interest groups.
  • Topology and node type. Regions rather than cities or national units.
  • Group categories and taxonomies are user created and maintained resulting in distinctive structures at each node/cluster.
While the sameboat network is more like twitter and craigslist in having substantial exposed anonymous public content than walled in like facebook, it is still like all of domain space oriented to serve the AKPERSON groups, each of whom has a paid entitlement denominated by 工 priced SKUs vended in the sb-sff app. Second class is the minimum entitlement but in cases where I've sent an invite with a F1 coupon code, it can be used to automatically reverse even that, preserving uniform tx-identification.