Welcome to stg.sameboat.live!

a node of the sameboat network each of which takes the airport code(s) of the region it serves with this functionality:
  • customizable classifieds
  • group domains
  • matching²
  • videotelephony¹

sameboat local directories (sbld)

Characteristic differences between SBLD and craigslist, other local directory networks are:
  • Regionally networked communities with rich function vs. an electronic classifieds, or commercialized social app/network.
  • Tightly integrated with a smartphone app.
  • Topology, fewer nodes, each with more structure.
  • Nodes diverge within commonly maintained software base after creation like the per lang wikis but form global user base.
Useful for anonymous users but designed for AKPERSONs with substantial service provided for token entitlement ³.
STG (not an airport code) serves end users via the commons domain. It and the developers instance are the first deployment targets of functions before downstream deployments to the gta/wny and new chicago nodes .
¹ Abstracted over default backend jitsi or (in order of implementation): Zoom, Skype, others TBA with third party accounts or bundled in the case of Jitsi.
² Generic but with personals/dating as first and type use case.
³ @ 5 工 / mo. Premium service for 200 and standard for 50 工 / quarter (90 days). Covered by corresponding entitlements in my domains if current.