Class System

Domain Space may need to take into account different classes of acting agents, both human and machine. The highest level partition is between the inside and outside of the class system proper. The members of the class system are all real human individuals who have effective role level higher than ip-identified:

  1. Users that pay at least the full regular capitation fee [Customer, First Class]
  2. Users that pay a nominal or token capitation [Customer, Second Class]
  3. Clients and hired developers [Co-worker, Second Class]
  4. Peer Contributor [Co-worker, First Class]

The classes are mostly but by no means entirely distinct from each other or session role. Note that this kind of class applies only to human individuals not groups.


The Equity Classes consist of persons who have made a significant contribution to DS whether by an investment of money, technical labor, or other valorization. Investor class individuals negotiate specific contracts based on fiat backed 工 denominated deals. Other than myself, non-doing sponsor class are silent investors who have bought private contracts on the distributed ledgers of the Public Market.


Working Class users are developers, clients, and others engaged in development in these domains. Note here "these domains" doesn't mean ones in my alt root system not owned by me.


First class users have full privileges to access my changes to open source projects and other services provided via these domains.


The type user of the scheduled classes: individuals that need to have access per various open source licenses to sources as received by me. Additionally professional courtesies, those requiring financial assistance to get some further service, and other incidental users are scheduled for reduced or waived capitation.


Unauthenticated non-human agents are 3rd class users. Mostly indistinguishable from anonymous humans, both handled as a common class.

First and Second class are expected to be relatively populous, Equity and Working class not . No distinction is made at this time between 3rd class users, other than privilege levels which the internal software here or a human / group user has to operate on and whether the user is likely not human, or ip-anonymous/ip-identified using the system as a foreign .agent from outside the domains perimeter.