Commons Staging

Commons staging hosts the domain space user group types (guests, developers, customers) and various serializable spaces, e.g. app or IRC users (who can be in any one of the group types at a given time). The base CMS (my adapted/curated drupal 7 modules) is deployed to it first from DEV cluster maintaining, in addition to the base CMS, functionality in these specific areas:
  • video chat/conference/call
  • social network aggregation and augmentation
  • craigslist like classifieds
  • AI assisted and feature rich bot service to run using your NickServ registered nick in channels where permissible
Commons acts as a point of deployment to a designed network of local directory (LD) function based clusters. The LD function is applied to different communal group sets with the one for the IRC sisters and a few of the geo nodes owned by me, the remainder independently operated by either franchised or diverged operators. Both classes of operators may receive regular updates to the functionality in the LD, matching, and commerce feature sets but diverged operators have assumed responsibility for applying them to their production systems.

sameboat local directories (sbld)

SBLD is differentiated from craigslist and other local directory networks by:
  • Function rich live commons rather than an electronic classifieds/directory.
  • Well integrated with a smartphone app.
  • Private to your social networks, except for classifieds public facing part.
  • Topology and node type. Regions rather than cities or national units.
  • Nodes diverge within commonly maintained software base after creation like the per lang wikis.
Various AKPERSON SKUs carry the 工 price of paid service and are vended in the sameboat app with considerable free service to non-paying guests.