Sameboat Commons

Core SB supports my common domain space with substantial free service and priced ones vended in-app by the sb-app and its derivatives. My other sales channel is Shopify.

Flat Trimurti

The three domains at the top of the README, with sundry static and SSO activated content. Access per effective privilege level. Mobile apps are serviced thru the mobile landing and products link spaces in the common C-六 sb root TLD instance from their external points of sale. Price economy and community products use a common infrastructure for which the Freenode IRC domains and the product support groups and spaces are the production level staging.

Freenode Community Support

Domain SSO supports authentication by <nick>@<channel> in Freenode channels where the 'Patternmaster' private logging bot is running. The domain structure mirrors that of Freenode on a per subject matter basis (e.g. ('python.fsbl') where all the python related channels are grouped). Free use of resource consuming apps is limited to a fixed amount of time per month but low cost unlimited is available. Both the matching and classifieds/local directory major functions are or will be available in their full generality, applied to these community domains, a primary use case for SB groups and spaces.

mod_perl/slashdot CMS

Write access to the ecore domain is generally useful to me only. That said, the SSO will eventually be enabled for it for sufficient privilege level. It's an old codeset which I'm not actively maintaining.

My Wiki Domain

The regular SSO (home icon to register) enables wiki write access and ofc you can browse read-only anonymously. When these functions were planned I canvassed the #wikipedia-* channels and at least one objected to the Patternmaster so at this time bot services are not available in wiki.fsbl.
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