Sameboat Geo Nodes

Design intent: form a network of nodes each associated with a metro region designated by its principal airport code.

I intend to operate, maintain, and officially roll these out in order:


    gta (greater toronto area) and westernmost new york: cattaraugus, chattauqua, erie, and niagara counties


    south florida: broward, dade, monroe, and palm beach counties


    vancouver ca and puget sound: king, kitsap, pierce and snohomish counties

These I intend to either operate myself or devolve as the first tier of autonomous operators:,,,

Autonomous operators can start ops by purchase of the AKSAMBAR SKU of their choice but must maintain network standards to remain in the network. "STG" refers to the common instance and "DEV" to the development instance, they are not one of the seven sameboat cities (STG is actually an Alaska airport). I pitch app development based on the franchise so an association of a particular locality with some bespoke app an anticipated biz case beyond the default one of local directory plus with option of the other two AKSAMBAR feature sets (matching, commerce).

IRC functionality is associated with the commons domain sameboat.