Sameboat Small Form Factor

The sameboat app (sb-sff) is a foundational Android and iOS free app that provides ...

  1. redvant jitsi client
  2. common messaging/notification, like SMS but local to app, in this case the SB network
  3. second factor, either via above messaging or QR code for 2FA
  4. core redvant in-app vending, with the akperson capitation fee as model tx.
  5. mobile versions of the desktop AC and doorbell UIs
  6. On iOS, 2 and 3 on WatchOS.

The sb-app is a base upon which others load in a modular fashion, eg. the tl:dr[x] so that only a single install from Apple or Google is required for a given factor, i.e. phone. tablet, or (paired) watch. Different products are offered separately for new users.

Find under "sb-sff" on Android or Apple to get the supported level of the smartphone, tablet, or watch app to use with the public servers. Advance/private builds are displayed below with any needed signatures for authenticated users. These versions may require DEV cluster, i.e. Alt-rooted, name routing. WatchOS apps load from the iOS one.

  • Android apk
  • iOS app bundle