Sameboat Small Form Factor

The sameboat app (sb-sff) is a foundational Android and iOS free app that provides ...

  1. redvant / redvantis client
  2. common messaging/notification, like SMS but works in domain space, i.e. in the .dom alt root.
  3. second factor, either via above messaging or QR code for 2FA.
  4. core redvant in-app vending, with the akperson capitation fee as model tx.
  5. mobile versions of the desktop AC and doorbell UIs.
  6. On iOS, 2 and 3 on WatchOS.

The sb-app is a base upon which others load in a modular fashion, eg. the tl:dr[x] so that only a single install from Apple or Google is required for a given factor, i.e. phone. tablet, or (paired) watch. Different products are offered separately for new users.

Find under "sb-sff" on Android or Apple to get the stable level of the smartphone, tablet, or watch app to use with the public servers. Nightly builds are displayed below for which you will need signatures displayed in your sameboat profile. These versions may require DEV cluster, i.e. Alt-rooted, name routing. WatchOS apps load from the iOS one.