Sameboat Small Form Factor

The sameboat app (sb-sff) is a foundational Android and iOS free app that carries the following functions:

  • provide a common notification function for all our apps and services
  • provide the second factor, either a numeric auth or QR code for 2FA
  • contain the Ft branded jitsi client
  • vend the AKPERSON entitlement fee using the base common in-app purchase and ledger integration for DS

The sb-app is a base upon which my others load in a modular fashion, eg. the tl:dr[x] so that only a single install from Apple or Google is required for a given factor, i.e. phone. tablet, or (paired) watch. Different products are offered separately for new users.

You should use the stable version for your platform available from Apple or Google and generally they will be the only ones that will fully work with the current sameboat cloud. Advance builds and support for old devices are available here. Below will be links with any needed signatures displayed for users authenticated with developer privilege.

  • Latest Android apk
  • Latest iOS app bundle